In several ways I support companies, organizations and HR-departments. Below you find the possibilities to work together.


Introduction & Orientation.

In every company or organization I am interested to see how to add value. For this lets have a free conversation and contact me by the contact-page.

By a free conversation by phone we will discuss how we can cooperate and what our cooperation will look like.

When we have found alignment and both sides are positive about cooperating we schedule a personal-meeting face-to-face for a presentation of the plan and a further settlement in detail.

Every company or organization has their own characteristics and therefore every cooperation is unique.


See below the services I offer.

Life & Career Coaching

As a life/career-coach I help you personally to make your next step in life. Changing your job or position can be stressful and making the right choice can be difficult. A coach can support you and guide you towards better understanding, clarity and insight into what you really want. Thereby motivating you to really take the steps necessary.

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External Recruiter

For every company, organization or HR-department would could need some extra support with their recruitment-activities I am available as an external-recruiter. With more than 5 years of recruitment-experience both as a agency and a corporate recruiter, I can easily and quickly see where I can be of added value for you.

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A well-structured recruitment-strategy is essential for every company or organization. However, in the current dynamic market finding the right strategy can be challenging. As an advisor I support companies and organizations to optimize their strategies and renew to meet the requirements for the future.

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