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We live in chaotic times.

Because of the sudden arrival of Covid-19 and the economic measures and restrictions the World has change overnight.

All Covid-19 measures and their consequences have changed the lives of all of us for an unknown time.

Professionally these measures might have had their consequences also. You might be working at home now.

Companies and organizations are having difficult times also. Maybe even your current job is now uncertain.

Nobody knows how long this period will take and nobody knows how the future will look like.

However, from another perspective nothing new has happened.

Change has been of every age.

Economic cycles of change have happened every decade.

And your personal life is changing every continuously.

The question is therefore not so much what to do "against" change, but how to better "adapt" to it.

To learn how to adapt to change will lead to clarity and insights and these lead to:

+ New possibilities and initiatives.

+ New contacts and network of people.

+ New jobs and business-opportunities.

+ New relationships and connections.

RDV Human-Services is here to support you and the changes in your life. We operate on the level of companies, organizations and individuals or employees.

Below you find more information about the services we offer.

Kind regards,

Roelof de Vries

Career Coaching

Online Life & Career Coaching.

  • 5 Years experience in recruitment.
  • 5 Years experience as life-coach.
  • 13 Years experience with personal-development.
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"A journey of 1000 miles, starts with a single step." - Laozi

Every change starts with you. A new job, a change in career, a change of position, all can be stressful. However, change is inevitable. Sometimes we really need a change otherwise we stop developing ourselves.

The decision to make a change can only be taken by you. You have to take the first step. But when you did, I am there to help you along the Way!


In several ways I support companies, organizations and HR-departments with their activities. See below in what way we can cooperate.

Life & Career Coaching

As a life/career-coach I help you personally to make your next step in life. Changing your job or position can be stressful and making the right choice can be difficult. A coach can support you and guide you towards better understanding, clarity and insight into what you really want. Thereby motivating you to really take the steps necessary.

More information about Coaching

External Recruiter

For every company, organization or HR-department would could need some extra support with their recruitment-activities I am available as an external-recruiter. With more than 5 years of recruitment-experience both as a agency and a corporate recruiter, I can easily and quickly see where I can be of added value for you.

More information about External Recruiter


A well-structured recruitment-strategy is essential for every company or organization. However, in the current dynamic market finding the right strategy can be challenging. As an advisor I support companies and organizations to optimize their strategies and renew to meet the requirements for the future.

More information about Recruitment-advice


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