Life & Career coaching.

For both private-persons as well as employees with companies and organizations I am available as a 1-on-1 life and career coach.

Life and career-coaching means that we together in private sessions find out what is your way in life and specifically what should be your next step in life or your career.

In case of employees I will have personal 1-on-1 sessions also within the working-space or outside of it, totally confidential.

In the current economic-market changes are there every day. This means individuals have to adapt fast, but also that there are countless of possibilities to be of added value anywhere, anytime.

Even within larger companies and organizations nowadays the number of possibilities to grow and to change positions is big.

This triggers the question: What should be your next move?

To answer this question a coach can be important. A coach is somebody who can confront you, ask questions you did not ask yourself yet, come up with fresh ideas or new perspectives.

A coach can help you to gain clarity, to motivate you and to support you in the decisions you make.

The underlying assumption of life and career-coaching is always that the answers which you are looking for dwell within yourself. By turning your attention inwards or self-reflection you in the end will find the answers which you are looking for.

Tools which can be used by the coach are:

◾ Mindfulness or Meditation

◾ Visualization

◾ Journailing (writing a diary)

◾ Role-playing

◾ Interviewing or questionnaire

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"A journey of a 1000 miles, starts with a single step." Laozi

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